Developed with familiar, on trend ingredients, these results driven products are designed specifically to meet the unique hair care needs of blonde, brunette and red headed consumers.

Salon tested by the Edward Beale stylist team to ensure efficacy, the result is a trusted range of professional products to naturally enhance normal or coloured hair that are convenient to use, readily available and affordable.


Edward Beale has had an iconic career spanning decades. A local legend, Edward’s career highlights include celebrity stylist, creative hair director for TV and theater, salon proprietor and brand owner.

With his passion for hair care still shining bright, Edward, an acclaimed hairdressing hero, looks forward to continuing to shape hair care in Australia.

Inspired by his cutting edge flat top and the prospect of a quick buck after witnessing the increasing demand for female styles, Edward took the steps to making his hairdressing dream a reality. Driven to enroll in a hair dressing academy at 14 (enrollment age was 16), Edward first picked up scissors and attempted his first hair cut on a fellow student.

Edward was employed at 15, honed in on his craft and was promoted to manager at 16. A one man PR machine, he knew that publicity was key to increase salon traffic and was quick to capitalise on his new found fame as the youngest salon manager in Australia.

During the 60’s with a flurry of high profile clientele Edward made headway transforming Australian hairdressing.

From traditional foundations to a more modern scene, Edward, inspired by London trends began cutting hair using the latest techniques, creating risky styles previously unseen in Australia and championing practices some of which we still use to this day. The most controversial “no shampoo, no cut!”

With cuts acclaimed by overseas peers and an overflowing bookings list, Edward bought his first salon where once again he blew the hair back of the Australian fashion and beauty with the artistry of hair foils.

In the following years Edward went on to open a chain of salons. It was from these salons with a clear gap in the market, Edward developed and launched his first line of hair care products. His range has revolutionised how blondes, brunettes and those with coloured hair look after their locks.